World Mission Sunday Service Post Template

Our "back to school fundraiser" is an event  organized to raise funds to support educational initiatives or needs at the beginning of the school year. We provide support such as School Supplies: Fundraising efforts may aim to provide students with essential supplies like notebooks, pencils, backpacks, and calculators. This fundraiser not only help meet financial needs but also foster community involvement and support for educational initiatives, contributing to a positive start to the school year for students and educators alike.

Mission Ministry Goals:

  • Cross-Cultural Engagement: Engaging with and respecting diverse cultures and customs while spreading THE Gospel or offering assistance.

  • Partnerships: Collaborating with local churches, organizations, and governments to maximize impact and sustainability of efforts.

BBC Missions ministry is dedicated to support and engage in outreach activities beyond our immediate community or country. These activities often involve sending missionaries to foreign countries or regions where we work to spread our faith, provide humanitarian aid, and support local communities in various ways.